Disposal Sink Flange Hold Down Tool

Disposal Sink Flange Hold Down Tool


I don't know about you, but through the years I've found that some of the work we do, can become very frustrating at times.

One of those frustrations for me has been mounting the sink flange to the sink when installing a garbage disposal.

We've all been there... Pushing down with one hand on the flange inside the sink, as we're trying with the other hand to keep the fiber gasket, back-up ring, and mounting ring lined up while trying to get that snap ring to jump in place on the flange under the sink.

If we apply too much upward force on the snap ring we end up pushing the flange back into the sink and out of position. So we reposition the putty under the flange and the parts on the flange under the sink and try again, and again, and again. All the while wishing we had someone to hold the flange in place while we're pushing up on the snap ring from below.

Well, I can't provide someone to help, but I have come up with a tool that will hold the flange firmly down to the sink for you. It only takes a minute to install and it's like having an extra hand when you use it.

Now you can use both hands from under the sink to get those parts along with the snap ring in place, then just tighten down the three mounting screws, scrape away the excess putty, and remove the Hold down tool.

This Hold down tool has really worked great for me, and I thought you might want one for yourself. So I decided to offer it for sale.

Why not put one in your truck, I know you'll be glad that you did.

Order yours today!

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